Charcoal Barbecue Grills

When it comes to barbecue grill, there are many different types. One of the popular type has to be a charcoal barbecue grill.

While it is true that charcoal barbecue can be very messy and hard to start, the food cooked by charcoal often tastes the best.

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With so many charcoal barbecue grillers available in the market, which one will you choose?

Well, let me highlight some of the most popular and proven ones.

Weber One-Touch Silver Barbecue Grill

One of the most popular and perhaps the best so far in the market. The name "Weber" stands for quality in the BBQ Grill market (Other than being one of the best in the dictionary market). Produced by Weber-Stephen Products company, you can be sure that it is a great product.

Weber One-Touch Silver comes in many sizes. It can be as small as 18" to 24" in diameter size. It is also available in silver and black color.

What I don't really like is that it is on a tripod stand, with 2 wheels on the 2 of the legs. I don't think that it is very stable and can be knocked over easily. Furthermore, the steel-plated cooking grates rust easily, which makes it a big minus.

Other than that, the price stands at $70+, and it is an affordable BBQ griller for anyone.

Big Green Egg Griller

No, it's not an egg griller. The product itself looks like an egg. It's a massive griller with the ability to cook a 20-pound turkey!

It is a versatile griller with the ability to cook at high temperatures and can act as a smoker too.

However, beware of the price tag: $700! I don't know why it is so expensive, but I believe it is one of the better ones in the market. And, if you think that you have spent $700 for just that one griller, you will be surprised to know that there isn't a stand provided. So take note of this before you make the purchase.

Char-Griller Outlaw Charcoal Grill/Smoker

This is a nice one. The Char-Griller Outlaw boasts a large surface area of 1,000 square inches of cooking space so you can put a lot of stuff in for cooking. It also has a traditional style barrel grill, which gives me the flexibility that I want.

Very durable, I know that it can last for almost 10 years, even if you use this griller monthly.

As it uses the traditional barrel grill, the temperature control for this griller can be hard. This can be easily overcome if the job is done by an experienced BBQ guy.

At a fantastic price tag of just $150, I know this will be one popular griller that you would be interested in getting if you are catering for big parties.

The above are my initial review and recommendations, but that's not all. There are so many charcoal barbecue grills in the market, and it will be hard to cover all of them. I have more recommendations for other charcoal barbecue grills on this website.